Beijing Genqing Seed Co., Ltd. was established with registered capital of 30 million yuan in 2003. We mainly have engaged in the business of importing and exporting crop seeds, as well as promotion. And we insist on not only independently researching and developing field-grown maize and cucumber varieties and rootstock varieties, but also producing and selling. Function department includes the General Manager Office, marketing department, import and export department, research department, production department, quality control department, finance ministry, warehouse department and processing center. Currently we employs more than 50 persons, and established business relationship with more than 300 clients in 26 provinces across the country. We have enclosed breeding farms in Beijing, Langfang, Baoding and Hainan  with respectively 50-100 acres. Seed processing, storage and inspection facilities are available, forming a completely set of scientific research, production, quality control, marketing, and technical services. Team stability, strict management, and business viability are what we have.

As the largest platform for cooperation with vegetable seed business of France limagelan Group's, after years of cooperation, we have worked with the foreign party in the development of new varieties, seed supply, trade settlement, technical services, personnel exchanges and so on, forming a stable cooperative relationship. Especially promotions of over-winter seeds such as Gailiang xianshou, Winter Jade, Falali, Caesar are more than 10 years, filling the blank in domestic markets; Imported celery seed, Queen, Ventura, and imported red sweet pepper seeds such as Hongfang, Huangma as well as grafted rootstock  of cucumber seeds performed well in many markets.

With the input of independent research and development, new rootstocks and field corn varieties will be put on the market, becoming the new growth point. We carry out a systematic study of rootstock breeding around the rootstock of affinity, symbiosis, fruit powder, and cold resistance, seed promotion of goods increasing year by year. Maize breeding was cooperated with Qingdao agricultural University, focusing on rough dwarf disease-resistant and high density planting varieties in summer. Its "Green NO.8 " had been passed through the Shandong Crop Varieties Committee in 2010 and put on the market.

Company carries out the management model such as, weekly schedule, monthly summary, quarterly meetings, and year-end performance review;Stick to independent innovation, quality control, good management, sales and service combination. We are based on research and development of fostering core competence of independently intellectual property rights of new varieties by good solid growth, to earn marketing and customer service as the highest goal. We hope you will enjoy our cooperation!